I've Often Wondered

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This might sound like a strange question, but one I’ve thought about off and on over the years, with different conclusions:

Where have all the devils gone?

I don’t say this with the belief that they really have vanished, disappeared, lost their power, etc. One look at the world around us, compared with previous times, should convince us that the power of the adversary is alive, well, and prospering.

We are certainly a religion that believes in the reality of Satan and his angels. The Book of Mormon is full of references, we have modern revelation explaining the origins in the grand councils of heaven of these devils and their fall from grace.

We have keys given to us to aid us in detecting them, priesthood and methods for driving them away. As a believing member of the LDS faith, their existence is undeniable.

The New Testament is also a witness that the Savior and his Apostles in ancient days found devils in abundance among the people. They were the cause of sicknesses, loss of speech, madness, and other maladies. Casting out devils was explicitly listed as something that believers would do.

We are a very sophisticated society today, and look with skepticism on anything supernatural. We go to doctors for sicknesses, therapists for speech problems and take drugs for psychosis. The supernatural is what we entertain ourselves with, but that kind of superstition is a relic of the past. Does our sophistication and unbelief alone prevent devils from causing the havoc they did in former days?

Are the old records just a naive explanation of the diseases that we understand so much better now? If so, what was Jesus really doing when he cast out devils and the individual was healed?

Where have all the devils gone?